About Elijah's Mantle

Elijah's Mantle
Messianic Apparel & Accessories

As mentioned on the home page, we offer biblically-inspired Messianic apparel & accessories that evoke conversation, testimony & salvation in Yeshua.

The vision of Elijah's Mantle is two-fold:

  • To inspire, educate and transform lives through Elijah's Mantles, and to support global Messianic outreach organizations.
  • To ignite a "Take Up Thy Mantle" movement of believers that step into a fresh anointing and greater call to service, with Yeshua Hamashiach

How Did Elijah's Mantle Start?

Elijah's Mantle was borne out of a 'Holy Spirit led' 33 day fast.  I (Debbie) did not know I was starting the fast until I woke up one morning, and I certainly did not know it was going to last 33 days.  I wasn't even sure what the fast way about, other than I just prayed for the ears to hear, the eyes to see and the heart to know and understand His will for me Please God grant me wisdom.

At the time, I was a massage therapist (still am) in the Sedona, Arizona area, and was praying for further revelation on my highest way of serving Him.

Throughout the fast, I devoted all of my spare time to prayer, reading scripture, sitting with Him, walking the dog and working as a massage therapist.  During this time, my love & obsession for reading scripture, particularly the passages of the prophets, in the Old testament increased, along with the supernatural encounters with Yeshua.

When reading & absorbing scriptures like 2 Kings 2:14-15, where Elisha is asking for a double portion of Elijah's spirit, Ezekiel 37:1-14, others like those, and when the "Mantle" was mentioned anywhere, the presence & revelation of YHWH absolutely electrocuted me with inspiration and vision.

Out of those supernatural experiences, I realized that the "Mantle" of Elijah or YHWH, was more than just a cloak or a covering, it was a supernatural call to service, an anointing, a sanctification and a covenant and so much more. 

Within that revelation, was embedded the gentle commandment:

  • To create a biblically-inspired Messianic / Christian apparel (Mantles) that evoked conversation, testimony & salvation in Yeshua Hamashiach; Elijah's Mantle.
  • To the person who wears the Mantle, it is symbolic of:
    • Protection / Covering
    • A fresh anointing,
    • A call to service
    • Sanctification
    • Greater covenant relationship with Yeshua.

The Messianic thread to this comes from the only two times (so far) in my life where I actually heard the omniscient, audible voice of YHWH,  he said two statements on two consecutive mornings:

"Hear O' Israel"
"Awake, Awake Zion, Awake, Awake"

"Here am I Lord; Send me" Isaiah 6:8