About Elijah's Mantle

Elijah's Mantle Judaic / Christian Clothing

Elijah's Mantle
Messianic Apparel & Accessories

We offer biblically-inspired Messianic (Judaic - Christian) apparel & accessories that evoke testimony, salvation & unity Yeshua HaMashiach. A biblical "Mantle" is, among many things that cannot be known by the mind:

    • Clothing / Covering
    • Supernatural protection
    • A fresh anointing
    • A call to service
    • Sanctification
    • Greater covenant relationship with Yeshua.

The vision of Elijah's Mantle is two-fold:

  • To inspire, educate and transform lives through Elijah's Mantles, and to support global Messianic outreach organizations.
  • To ignite a "Take Up Thy Mantle" movement of believers that step into a fresh anointing and greater call to service, with Yeshua Hamashiach

How Did Elijah's Mantle Start?

...after that encounter I had with Jesus & many, many, many subsequent encounters & visions, I became even more of a hermit. For the next 1 1/2 years, I lived in pretty much total "inspired-isolation", just reading, absorbing, mediating on the Torah and other scripture. No TV, social media...nothing. Just Me, God and my dog, Apollo :)))

And while I know that Jesus is a relationship, and not a religion, and I know that 'church' does not define God. When I went to an orthodox Jewish Synagogue, loving the consecrated space, the viewing the Torah In Hebrew, listening to the reading of the Tanakh All of it...LOVE IT, feels like home, but where was Jesus? And when I went to several (not all) Christian churches, the 'Synagogue' seemed to be dutifully missing.

I asked God in prayer about this....there are only 3 times( so far) I have heard the audible voice of God: "He" said:

"Hear O'Israel"
"Awake awake Zion, Awake Awake"
"Zion's Remnant"

When I asked what he meant by this, he gave me this vision:

"In the Prophetic sense of the Spirit of Elijah - to inspire, educate and unite Judaism & Christianity through Yeshua HaMashiach, Jesus Christ. "


This vision is for all of us, who are so-inspired. It will take all of us to unite, and we all can contribute.

Please support & share this information.  Thanks so much and God bless you!