My Story

Deborah Raiter 

My Story

I had a supernatural encounter with Yeshua in 2017, which completely changed my life.  

***I offer this story to glorify the saving grace of Yeshua HaMashiach. 

This is a very long story, made short :) For most of life, I have been a very high-functioning individual, maintaining careers that some might consider to be some of the most demanding, responsible and highest stress jobs in our developed country. 

However, I lived with a secret - deep, dark depression, anxiety and panic. I became an alcoholic at an early age, developed disordered eating and was hospitalized twice.

I always had a heart of service, and was constantly searching for God or something that had real meaning outside the mundane. This thrusted me full steam into the new age movement where I would have brief periods of peace and hope, only to be completely disillusioned. It was in a labyrinth heading for an inevitable train wreck, AGAIN. I felt hopeless and somewhat functioned in a sort of purgatory of not wanting to live, and not wanting to die...

..that's when Jesus stepped in & rescued me!

In one of my darkest moments, I had the insight to reach out and have a friend pray for me. As she prayed, I was literally engulfed by an indescribable cloud of holiness, a radiant glory that awakened within me an unconditional love and connection with the Messiah, Jesus Christ. This was such a remembered, instinctive and eternal knowing. I cannot adequately describe in words what that kind of ‘Love’ is.

His spirit realized within me an instantaneous connection with the God I had been searching for my entire life. I knew within those moments that my search was over and that I would never be alone or experience darkness, depression or anxiety again.

Now, years later, I have a life that is purpose-driven in Christ, grace-filled and so unbelievably amazing, it is hard to find words to describe it.The depression, fear, anxiety, panic...all have been miraculously removed.

After being saved and baptized, suddenly God began pruning absolutely everything out of my life that was not completely aligned with his Word.  (All the new age crystals, jewelry, statues, books, tarot cards, etc - all gone).  

Within 6 months, he pulled me from the Big Island of Hawaii and plopped me down in Cottonwood, Arizona. During this time I had become absolutely obsessed with the bible, in particular the Old Testament writings and the Hebrew, Aramaic & Greek languages & the writings of the prophets. 

The more I sat in silence with the Lord and meditated on his Word, I began to have visions & hebraic communications from him at night.  My connection has become so deep, I do not have words to explain.  Other then, you can liken it to being plugged into a high voltage live-wire and are being electrocuted by an indescribable, unfathomable love.

In June of 2019, I woke up to being on a "led-fast" by the Holy Spirit.  This lasted 33 days, which was hands-down one of the most impactful experiences of my entire life.  What well-springed from that experience is Elijah's Mantle, Messianic Apparel & Accessories.

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